Thursday, October 16, 2008

"of course you can say what you like in England...."

Church Street Liverpool has traditionally been a place where people can set up a stall and distribute protest literature. Recently that tradition has been subject to low level harassment and confiscation of literature by the police. In response local groups organised through "Liverpool Freedom of Expression" set up ten stalls last Saturday. The police response was to surround campaign stalls with up to six riot vans. Two people were arrested and several stalls had leaflets and literature confiscated.
After the arrests activists were joined by passing members of the public, incensed at what they had witnessed, in a spontaneous attempt to block police vans and prevent them from leaving.

Several articles explaining the background and giving details about this incident can be read on indymedia liverpool.

Liverpool people aren't prepared to tolerate this assault on their freedom of speech so this Saturday - 18th October - local people will be holding another mass stall action. If you want to take part meet outside News from Nowhere in Bold Street at 12.30 pm