Monday, September 01, 2008

Le réseau d'évasion du groupe Ponzan - Anarchistes dans la guerre secrète contre le franquisme et le nazisme (1936-1944)*

*The network of escape group Ponzan - Anarchists in the secret war against the Franco regime and Nazism (1936-1944)

Antonio Tellez Sola has pioneered the study of anarchist resistance to fascism since his ground-breaking book on Sabate. In this new work he focuses his attention on Francisco Ponzan Vidal. During the revolution and civil war in Spain Ponzan played a special role in the anarchist "intelligence" networks, crossing nationalist lines, compiling intelligence reports, and aiding the escape of compaions trapped in nationalist areas. With the outbreak of World War II Ponzan and other exiled comrades organised one of the largest escape networks in Europe helping people cross the Pyranees and into the comparative safety of Spain. The resistance network they set up had specifically libertarian characteristics that are explored in here in detail by Tellez.

Tellez himself was a member of the French maquis, and the anti-Franco resistance movement in Spain after the War. This 405 page book is in French.