Sunday, August 17, 2008

Resonance FM

From the London Musicians' Collective comes Resonance Radio "a summer school on the radio" with some great programmes this month , including:

Peter Rea on Visual Literacy, illustrated with audio from Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and the rural blues of the 1930s; Julian Stallabrass talks about visual representations of war; Jean Seaton has recourse to George Orwell’s enduring relevance; and Roberta Mock asks what constitutes avant-garde performance. Monica Janowski on Potency, Hierarchy and Food in Borneo, Magnus Marsden on Muslim village intellectuals.

Historian Ariel Hessayon will offer a new view of the 17th century Diggers “Restoring the Garden of Eden in England’s Green and Pleasant Land,” while Mark Miodownik of King’s College’s Materials Library takes us through "an elemental reading of the making of a cup of coffee – illustrated in robust fashion in the station’s kitchen". The station continues during September when the programme will include Ian Bone (author of the best "confessional" autobiography of 2006 - Bash the Rich) talks to Phil Ruff about the history and identity of "Peter the Painter".