Thursday, September 25, 2008

1649 and the Execution of King Charles

1649 was the year of Charles I's execution, and the year when Leveller revolt in the New Model Army was crushed by Cromwell. Both events that marked a turning point in the English Civil War.

Next February a conference, organised by the London Socialist Historians Group, will be held at the Institute of Historical Research, London, to look at the way in which 1649 ushered in new "liberties and democratic practices". Keynote speakers will include Geoffrey Robertson (author of
The Tyrannicide Brief), Geoff Kennedy (author: Diggers, Levellers and Agrarian Capitalism [forthcoming]), Norah Carlin (author, The Causes of the English Civil War) and John Rees (author, A Rebel's Guide to Milton, [forthcoming]).

The conference will be held on saturday 7 February 2009.
Full details of the Conference will be available on: