Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Last Post - Annalee Newitz

My favourite weekly read for the last couple of years has been Annalee Newitz's column for Techsploitation, which has been featured on Alternet. Her weekly posts have covered everything from obscenity law to genetic engineering, and she has managed to stretch the column's "techie mandate to include meditations on electronic music and sexology."

Perceptive and informative, Annalee's posts have been underpinned by humour, and a real belief in the issues that she has written about- so I was sorry to read that she has written her last technology piece for Techsploitation. There is some good news to this post, however, as Annalee has become the editor of Science Fiction blog io9 - a blog I can only describe as at the confluence of science and science-fiction - putting the science into science fiction:

Read Annlee's last post on alternet: