Tuesday, November 27, 2007


DEC 15th - CCA - 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 12am - 10pm -- free entry
stalls / resources / videotheque / events

Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and fewer outlets for independent and radical materials. Corporate bookshops rule the roost and offer little in the way of counter culture, radical voices or local independent materials. The Radical Independent
Book-fair project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance...

RIB is a support structure for a number of individuals and groups who produce publications, information and materials for sale, view and free distribution. The project is self-financed by the participants, nopublic or corporate monies are involved, no one takes a wage, it is not
party politically aligned and is autonomous from other organisations. The project is not just an occasional bookshop and travelling bookstall... it is also a temporary library, a videotheque, a meeting point for distribution, discussion and ideas, as well as a place to come and have a blether.

...supporting small press publishers and independent
producers...circulating radical reading materials and information...

For more info on RIB and and the programme of events go to: