Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Article 26

Although it was only built in September, Fasayil School will be demolished on 29th of November. Built out of traditional mud bricks, using traditional building techniques, it is the first and only primary school in the village of Fasayil, and badly needed by the 115 local children. But this new school is situated in the heart of the Jordan Valley which has been occupied territory since 1967. New construction requires a permit from the occupation authorities, but (catch 22) they never issue them. Now a demolition order has been issued, requiring the villagers to dismantle the school, or pay a hefty fine for failing to respect the construction ban, and watch while the occupation's bulldozers do the job.

The villagers remain defiant:
"They can knock our school down as often as they want. We cannot stop them from doing so. We will build the school again and again and again. They cannot destroy our determination to give proper education to our children."

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