Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Elizabeth David: "she was heady fare for a young coal miner..."

I wasn't able to get to the recent exhibition on the life and work of Elizabeth David at Manchester's independent Portico Library, but was pleased to find out that two publications appeared at the same time - Elizabeth David: 26 December 1913 - 22 May 1992. Her Life, Work and Influence, is the title of a 40 page illustrated catalogue and the title of a lecture by Eddie Cass, that has been printed as a 22 page pamphlet:
"For me, Elizabeth David was always essentially a writer as well as a cook. I found her prose rich and evocative. She had the visual sense of an artist and a novelist's ability to conjure up a sense of place, of a meal, or a glass of wine. She was heady fare for a young coal miner from the terraced streets of Manchester whose only experience of 'abroad' was a two week package holiday in Tossa d Mar in 1958."

Well worth checking out the lists of available publications (Pdf downloads from their "Noticeboard" page):