Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kokogiack Book Search

This is a nifty new tool for searching the online contents of books, combining results from 3 search engines on a single page. Results from A9.com, Google Book Search, and MSNs Live Search are presented side by side. Viewed in this way it is also possible to assess the effectiveness of the different services offered by the three search engines. I was slightly surprised that Live Search provided the most satisfying results, linking to whole text, free content every time, although it failed to work at all when using a Safari browser, and I had to switch to Camino before I could view the results. A9 proved frustrating as it requires logging in to Amazon, who promptly told me that I hadn't purchased enough from them to use the service. Google linked to the largest number of items - but when I tried to view them I was informed they didn't link to full text versions as the publications were in copyright - although many of them were clearly out of copyright. Still the Google and A9 entries are useful as an index to possible sources I can consult in the Library I suppose...