Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saffron Walden and the English Civil War

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that posting has been a little light recently - this is because I've been focused on trying to finish my book on Saffron Walden and the English Civil War. The book (72 pages A5, illustrated) is at the printers now, and should be published next week. Copies will be available from Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre at a price of £6.00. (Tel: 01799-525115) As the title implies the book deals with events in and around Saffron Walden during the English Civil War, but of wider interest is the rise of the "Agitators" in the New Model Army. The Agitators were elected representatives of the ordinary soldiers, who (in 1647) formed their own councils within the Army. This practical application of democracy in action preceeded the Putney debates by several months.