Monday, April 02, 2007

First Monday

Two interesting articles in the current issue of First Monday - John Willinsky writes on "What open access research can do for Wikipedia", discussing the way Wikipedia could be enhanced by systematic linking to open source online content.

Charles Lyons poses the question: "The Library: a distinct local voice?" He writes of the "Long Tail" as key factor in the provision of information and books through Libraries, concluding:

"Local libraries can distinguish themselves as local information resources and strive to transform their communities by: embracing technology to enhance access to local information while also humanizing an activity that is becoming more technology-driven; specializing on the hyper-local niche while also broadening the scope of the types of local resources collected; facilitating access to a burgeoning number of locally-relevant resources while also creating their own; participating in and creating online communities while also building on their important physical presence; providing tools that empower the community to create, access and share local information on its own while also striving to become informed local experts themselves."