Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Librarians Threaten Action Over Cuts

Continuing with the library theme of the last few days - library workers in Hampshire are threatening strike action against Hampshire County Council's plan to axe jobs and cut £250,000 from its £2 million book fund. Its time librarians started to take the erosion of the library service seriously, and should link up with community-based pro-library campaigners like Tim Coates. Only if library workers and library users work together will it be possible to exert sufficient pressure on local authorities, and central government to reverse the decline.
Meanwhile in Cambridgeshire the county Council is proposing a cut of £95,000 in the county's library book fund with a further £5,000 reduction to the mobile library services, and Essex CC have axed 16 posts for professional librarians and appears to have frozen new recruitment.

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