Thursday, January 04, 2007

Books to change Your Life By

This week Radio 4 features extracts from five "classic and contemporary books that offer thoughts and advice on better living during the regular "Book of the Week" slot. Much better than it sounds as the texts chosen offer insight and inspiration rather than moral instruction. The books selected include Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (amusingly listed as "Mothercycle Maintenance") and Dorothy Rowe's The Successful Self. Listen to them live online at:

Dorothy Rowe is a world-renowned psychologist and writer. "Her explanation of depression gives the depressed person a way of taking charge of their life and leaving the prison of depression forever.

She shows how we each live in a world of meaning that we have created. She applies this understanding to important aspects of our lives, such as emotional distress, happiness, growing old, religious belief, politics, money, friends and enemies, extraverts and introverts, parents, children and siblings." If you have not come across her writing before then sample them on her website: