Sunday, December 24, 2006

Richard Boston

For some strange reason the Guardian has not put the obituary of journalist Richard Boston (which appeared in the print edition on Friday) online yet - surprisingly because some of Richard's best writing was featured in the Guardian's own pages. In addition to some fine journalism, Richard published and edited the Vole, a country magazine that anticipated environmentalism. He was also author of several excellent books including An Anatomy of Laughter (1974), Baldness Be My Friend (1977), and Starkness At Noon (1997), a collection of his short pieces, including the one describing his participation in elections for the European parliament using the slogan: "It's a big trough and I want to get my nose in it." Among the articles he wrote for the Guardian was this a short introduction to Clifford Harper's Country Diary Drawings.,11711,939412,00.html

Strangely the Guardian obituary is, however, available online at

ok the Guardian has it online now:,,1978167,00.html