Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Idle Thoughts.......

O.K. so the weeds are growing on the allotment, but the raspberries need picking and yesterday I found that every plump ripe raspberry had a beatutiful bright green shield bug sitting in residence; sometimes there were two - doing what comes naturally to shieldbugs in the warm August sun - each one marked with a patch of irridescence on its back. The great thing about summer is being able to lay on the grass under the trees and watch the world go by. .. to watch the plums turn golden and listen to the grasshoppers........and if it sometimes rains I can turn to The Idler. Get a taste of what life is about when lived to a different rythmn and read some of the fascinating archived conversations with Michael Palin, Will Self, Alan Moore and even Paul Bowles (from 1993).