Sunday, August 13, 2006

Anti-war Protests Gathering Momentum ...

The anti-war movement in Israel is growing stronger. There are reports that the number of soldiers refusing to take part in the war has risen to 160, while continuing anti-war demonstrations are now drawing support from sections of the mainstream left, including the Meretz party and Peace Now that have until now supported the war. See this article in Haaretz for details, and this article from the Jerusalem Post which notes the involvement of novelist Amos Oz in the protests. The growing cracks in the pro-war movement will confront the anti-war movement with its biggest challenge as the established political groups attempt to dominate and redefine the anti-war agenda.

Meanwhile Israeli state is cracking down on direct action protests - when a member of the Anarchists Against the Wall group was seriously injured when he was shot with rubber bullets from close range in the head and neck. He was one of nine people injured druing a non-violent protest in Bil'in. A full report is available on Indymedia Israel
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