Friday, February 24, 2006

Samuel Johnson - one book at a time!
One of the joys of surfing is the way in which it is possible to stumble across fascinating resources without really trying - it is a completely different process and experience from the serendipity encountered when browsing in a library, but just as rewarding (thinks - is it possible to have different kinds of serendipity?). Today's revelation is the Hyde Collection Catablog. The Donald and Mary Hyde Collection of Samuel Johnson is a comprehensive collection of the works of Samuel Johnson, his associates and contemporaries, and the literary world of 18th century London. John Overholt, cataloguer of the printed book portion of the collection, is using the blog to share his discoveries as he examines each book in the collection. The result is a marvellous collection of frivolous and serious information about Johnson and his 18th century world.
There is more about the Hyde collection in this article from the Harvard Magazine:

John's blog can be found here: