Saturday, February 11, 2006

The birth of an exciting new journal has just been announced. Here's an extract from the editorial blurb:

"From pirate enclaves to utopian communities, from communal republics to occupied zones, the history of constituted power has always also been the history of radical experiments in spaces that are other than, alternative to, within and against."

Affinities: a Journal of Radical Theory, Culture and Action "is dedicated to a critical discussion of the contemporary manifestations, and future prospects of, autonomous spaces around the world. We are seeking submissions not only from those who "study” such spaces, but also from those who are actively engaged in their creation."

"Recent years have offered us manifold examples of autonomous spaces,
including the occupation of old factories in Argentina, the
occupation of rural land by the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement,
and spaces or caucuses created by those marginalized within broader
radical movements, including Anarchist People of Colour and the
Zapatista Revolutionary Law for Women.

Yet everywhere these experiments are constantly imperiled, suffering
repression, recuperation, or simply exhaustion. Furthermore, careful
attention to power relations suggests that these spaces themselves
are not islands free of oppression, untouched by the micro-practices
of domination."
Anyone interested in contributing or subscribing should contact:
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