Thursday, September 06, 2007

Manu Chao Interview

An edited version of Nigel Williamson's feature article on Manu Chao, originally published in the world music mag Songlines, has been published on the Independent website:

"I respect Bono and Bob Geldof's way of doing it, but I don't believe in leaders," he says simply. "They can't move the wheels or find the brake any more. The capitalist system is out of control. Everybody should be their own leader. In our own lives and families and neighbourhoods, we can find solutions to live together in a more soulful way. Everybody can do it. That's what I try to do in my neighbourhood."

"It was only when I listened to the old French music of Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf that I started writing in French. I heard those lyrics and I said, 'That's the real rock'n'roll.'"