Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Royal Historical Society Bibliography

This is a great way of finding out what's been published on all sorts of historical and literary subjects> Although it now contains more than 390,000 bibliographic records, it isn't yet as inclusive as it really should be. It is, nevertheless, a well thought out site, and the search results link through to other sites, so that it is possible to search on Copac, World Cat, or link to the journal homepage in the case of articles. There is even a "get copy" button that links to, and checks, 10 commercial databases that might hold the items online (although they are subscription databases, requiring passwords). There are also author links to the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) and the National Register of Archives (note that the DNB requires a password, although as many public libraries subscribe - this might be your library card number).

For an example check out this article on "Dickens and the construction of Christmas"