Monday, August 29, 2005

Must be summer - there's another issue of Information for Social Change online. The contents include: E-Books; Public Libraries, Information, Communities, Social Exclusion and Culture; Copyright, Libraries in Nigeria and some good book reviews, including a review of Helen Macfarlane: a feminist, revolutionary journalist and philosopher in mid-nineteenth century England by David Black. Macfarlane was the first person to translate the Communist Manifesto into English, although she was forced to hide her own writing behind a male pseudonym. There is also a neat little piece by Martyn Lowe "Going to the Movies". Don't be put off by the slightly worthy "professional" tone of IfSC - because all the important current social, political and economic issues related to the "Information Economy" are discussed in its various editions - and nobody else is really covering them. But...the issues raised in IfSC are too important for discussion to be restricted to "professional" circles...View it online or available as a pdf download.